Distribution Centre in PR China

Over the past ten years or so, few segments of the U.S. Packaging industry have expanded as rapidly as an area commonly referred to as "Fulfillment Packaging", "Pick-and-Pack" or "Distribution Centre" operations.

These operations feature customer convenience (order any time), access (order from anywhere), variety (order anything), service (combining all the above) and economies (for the consumer and the vendor).

The below figure graphically illustrates the essential function of a Distribution Centre in these types of operations. The Centre receives products from diverse sources and ships orders of various combinations of these products to any number of customers and/or destinations. Both the Supplier and the Customer sides can be far ranging in location, often encompassing global concerns and opportunities.

Our associate partners’ two distribution centres are locate at the two major Economic Zones of China, may provide the following services:

  • Assemble the small quantity purchased commodities in one place and directly ship into your warehouse in Australia.
    Quality checking commodities before shipped. (reject the damage items, and ensure commodities matching your original order).
  • Handling import/export from China.
  • Arranging business trip to China visiting manufacturers.
  • Direct Shipping Services
  • Receiving commodities from multiple suppliers of the two main economic zones of China.
  • Building up huge products database (there are over 400,000 products in YiWu commodity city).
  • Re-packing the products.
    Quality control before shipping.
  • Saving huge operation costs by using the resource of China.
  • China inland freight.
  • China inland express services.
  • International Sea freight.
  • International Air freight.
  • International Express: our associate partners are the fewer biggest express services providers, price could be up to 50% lower of DHL, Fedex, UPS or TNT's normal prices, could help to directly delivery value items to the purchasers worldwide.
  • Help to save huge operation costs by sharing our resource of China.
  • Reduce the time of processing the future plan.
  • Others.